The Nerd Byword

Episode 179 - Comic Book Homework and Gaming Exclusives

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Episode notes

When it comes to the world of nerdy podcasts, few can blend the past and present as seamlessly as the Nerd Byword. In their latest episode, hosts Dave and Kris take us on a journey through time, from the pixelated adventures of Indiana Jones and the debate about physical vs. streaming media, to the rich history of Disney's wealthiest duck, Scrooge McDuck, and the adventures of Moon Knight. Plus, brand-new nerd commendations.

Nerd News

Indiana Jones Video Game Trailer Drops

Wal-Mart phases out physical video games

Byword Big Talk

The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck

Moon Knight by Jed McKay

Nerd Commendations

Avengers: Twilight #1

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy on Steam

(00:00) Introduction to the homework assignments
(01:15) Indiana Jones game trailer impressions and Microsoft exclusivity debate
(08:54) Walmart's move away from physical video games and the implications
(14:33) Scrooge McDuck's storied past and its modern relevance
(22:17) Moon Knight's deep dive into the psyche of Mark Spector
(32:04) Avengers: Twilight #1 - A new world for Captain America
(38:39) Ace Attorney Trilogy - Courtroom drama meets puzzle-solving on Steam
(44:55) Closing remarks and call to action