Data Insights for a Sustainable Finance System

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Episode notes

In this episode we will be discussing sustainable finance, and how – alongside data insights from space – this initiative can be a key tool for promoting sustainable development and combating climate change.


What do we mean when we talk about sustainable finance? Sustainable finance refers to financial activities that take into account environmental, social, and governance factors in investment decision-making - promoting sustainable economic growth while minimising negative impacts on society and the environment. 


Satellite imagery can be a powerful tool for supporting sustainable finance decisions - providing valuable information about the environmental impact of investment activities, help investors identify potential risks and opportunities, and monitor the impact of sustainable finance initiatives over time.


Our host Dallas Campbell is joined in the studio by Daniel Dias, Founder of Route2, Christophe Christiaen, Deputy Head of the Spatial Finance Initiative at the Oxford Sustainable Finance Group, and Cristian Rossi, Geospatial Science Lead at the Satellite Applications Catapult.

Satellite Applications Catapult: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Website
Route2: Twitter, LinkedIn, Website
Oxford Sustainable Finance Group: Twitter, LinkedIn, Website

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