Network Marketing Truths with Martene Wallace

By Martene Wallace
The Network Marketing Truths Podcast is for anyone curious to learn about network marketing and what it really takes to create success. Whether you are right at the start of your journey or looking to grow your team, join Martene Wallace as she shares personal stories of struggles, strategies, insight, and skills on all things Network Marketing. In this podcast you will discover more on the mindset you need for success, essential social media skills and advice from leaders in the field. You know you want to create additional income and you're tired of everyone around you telling you it isn't possible to be successful in your network marketing/ MLM business. You're sick of doing the hard yards without the results, you often need to surround yourself with people who have built traditionally and online. You're ready to learn what it takes to build a profitable business and get the best out of your team by creating leaders. Hosted by Martene Wallace, Global Business Owner and International Speaker with 8 years in Multi- Level Marketing and a Certified High Performance Coach, you'll discover the unsugar-coated truths of what it takes to unleash your network marketing potential and have your cake and eat it too. This podcast is the one to listen to if you're ready to hear Network Marketing Truths.

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