Elder Care Made Easier

By Jackie Cleveland, founder of Podplan
Do you have parents who are over seventy? Are you anxious that you don’t know much - if anything, about care and support for the elderly? Do you find the whole subject overwhelming? Are you worried about something right now? If you answer yes! to any of these questions, then welcome to Elder Care Made Easier - the Podplan podcast. If your mum or dad live in the UK, then this show is for you.

I’m Jackie Cleveland, a UK later life resources expert. Let me make it easier for you to learn about the products and services that can help your parents as you grow older together. In short episodes (each less than 10 minutes), I talk about monitoring devices, home adaptations, the different types of care homes, who pays for what and when and everything in between. Join me to find the answers you may be looking for today and to start preparing for the challenges of tomorrow. For more information about Podplan membership, visit www.mypodplan.co.uk

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