People With Purpose

By David Roberts

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People with purpose make a difference. Imagine a world where more people can just get their purpose out of them, into a plan and then actually make it happen. What a world that would be - People everywhere finding meaning and harnessing that to bring inspiration and energy to each and every day, changing lives for the better. But no- one ever achieved anything on their own - we all have something unique to bring and that means we all have to play our part - if we want to go far we have to go together and lead or serve towards a vision of the world we want to see. Everyone has a story to tell and this show is where these stories come to life.



David Roberts is a highly regarded CEO, mentor and investor with 30 years experience across multiple sectors. As an intrapreneur and entrepreneur David has bought, grown, started and sold several businesses, working with values driven start ups, award winning SME’s and multi-national corporations on strategies for service excellence, leadership and profitable growth. David’s passion is for purpose and creating an environment where everyone can succeed, through building teams that get things done, execute on their mission with passion, deliver exceptional service and really make a difference.


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