Harvest Series

By Rose Claverie at Harvest Kaplankaya

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This podcast is here to help you ask yourself the right questions, boost your critical thinking, and broaden your horizons. Journalist Rose Claverie is interviewing for Harvest great speakers like emotional trauma specialist Dr Gabor Mate, functional medicine expert Mark Hyman, model turned environmental activist Lily Cole, microbiota specialist Anita Frauwallner and neuroscientist Idriss Aberkane. The guests were all interviewed during the event Harvest, a 4-day experience on the South Western Coast of Turkey, produced by Athena Advisers and Capital Partners. They share their stories and practical advice to help listeners take better care of themselves, their relationships and the planet. At the end of each episode, the guests answer this question: if something very simple could be done, that could change the world, what would they choose?
Episodes last around 30mn and are released every two weeks, on Wednesdays.

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