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Episode notes

Things spiral for Ed and take a disastrous turn when he finally gets George to the Winter Fair. // Baby, It’s Cold Outside is written by Regina Moriarty and stars Chris O’Dowd as Ed, Billy Jenkins as George, Anne-Marie Duff as Sam, Jack Klaff as Nigel and Mal, Anna Crilly as Alex and the Council Receptionist, Marta Kielkowicz as Blanka, Guillermo Bedward as Jordan, Paul G Raymond as Mem and Tom Crowley as Attila. Music by Rebecca Dale. Photography by Idil Sukan. The series is developed by Duck Soup films, directed by Virginia Gilbert and produced by Ben Walker for Storyglass in association with UK homelessness charity Crisis. You can reserve a place for someone with Crisis this Christmas for just £28.18. Go to now and help someone take a vital step out of homelessness. For information regarding your data privacy, visit