Beating Around The Bush / S3E15 - Our relationship with China, Ag the darling (for now) and revival of community news

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Episode notes

This week's take on the news relating to rural and regional Australia with Fleur Anderson and Wade Dabinett. GM update - You've heard us talk about this in previous episodes so an update for those playing along - SA GM ban has been officially lifted! hoorah! POLITICS CHINA! It's all about China this week. Arguably our most important relationship, how its managed through this crisis has never been more important. AGRIBUSINESS Ag might just be the darling this week - is Ag's role in our country's recovery getting Aus Ag the attention it deserves? COMMUNITY Newspaper revival! One community is showing the way for revival giving scores of other towns without local news some hope. Follow Us: Join the Rural Business Collective community and join the conversation over at Facebook Beating Around the Bush is the podcast of the Rural Business Collective This is a Cahoots Radio production edited by Skye Manson Hosted by Wade Dabinett and Fleur Anderson Let us know your favourite news stories for the week on email - [email protected]