Beating Around The Bush / S3E14 - World Leaders, Wet Markets, Country Tourism, A Market for Flies and Plant Based Meat

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This week's take on the news relating to rural and regional Australia with Fleur Anderson and Wade Dabinett. WORLD LEADERS We spoke last week about 'The Bigger Picture', Malcolm Turnbull's memoir - Have you been listening/reading? Wade is waiting for the paperback version , Fleur is listening in on Audible Quotes from article: If someone is going to deprive you of your liberty your best hope is that they're a libertarian; if someone is going to implement a form of socialism your best hope is they're a capitalist. For this reason alone, ScoMo is the socialist we need right now. Jacinda Adern Other Rural News: DLP takes lead on the policing of Wet Markets. Country Tourism ready to take off when restrictions ease New source of protein up north? Is there a market for flies? Plant Based Meat demand surges? Do we call bullshit? ´╗┐Follow Us: Join the Rural Business Collective community and join the conversation over at Facebook Beating Around the Bush is the podcast of the Rural Business Collective This is a Cahoots Radio production edited by Skye Manson Hosted by Wade Dabinett and Fleur Anderson Let us know your favourite news stories for the week on email - [email protected]