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Sarah’s been freelance for more than twenty years now and she says it’s taken her “a damn long time” to get to where she is. She’s gone from saying yes to everything and trying to do it all herself - including raising two children as a single parent - to taking herself seriously as a business owner and finding boundaries, balance and a way to do more than just survive.

These days, after turning fifty, Sarah gives herself Fridays off and outsources the jobs she doesn’t enjoy. She works from the gym (when we’re not in lockdown), where she breaks up her day with exercise and feels energised by the buzz of people around her.

In her book, Survival Skills for Freelancers, released recently in June 2020, Sarah shares the biggest lessons she’s learnt about working for yourself without burning out.

The book has been voted as the next Being Freelance Book Club read for summer 2020, so come and join us in the community to read along.


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