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Stop trying to "fix" yourself

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Episode notes

There is nothing wrong with you!

In this episode, we are diving into why you need to stop trying to fix yourself and how to elevate yourself out of that mindset.

Episode 029: Stop trying to “fix” yourself

Here is what you will learn: 

💣 Why the “fix me” mindset can become a trap

💣 The importance of future focus and moving on vs looking backwards to the past

💣 How acceptance, environment, and evaluation can get you off this hamster wheel  

💣 What acceptance means, how it can help you move on, and why it’s not conditional on anyone else 

💣 Why your past shouldn’t define you 

💣 Why your environment and who you spend time with is critical when it comes to business, health and any other area 

💣 Other influences such as social media, podcasts, books and tv that can fuel this mentality

💣 How to evaluate where you are going and see the progress in 30 days 


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