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Simplified tech, sales & strategy with Faith Christiansen

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Episode notes

If you want to earn more, work less, and live happy - then you are absolutely going to love this interview with Bombshell Faith Christiansen because she makes business simple! 

Stop listening to the so called “Experts” who overcomplicate the process, burn you out and leave you with a business that is not profitable. Instead know your numbers, have systems in place, and be strategic for a successful and sustainable business. 

Episode 023: Simplified tech, sales & strategy with Faith Christiansen

Faith Christiansen is a recovering workaholic, Amazon best-selling author, and the face of the Social Seller’s Life Show. Her podcast, “Earn More, Work Less & Live Happy” helps female authors, podcasters, and coaches to simplify their business, so they reach their financial goals faster without sacrificing time freedom, trapped in a low-profit business.

She turned her story and fast "Explode Your Sales Blueprint" into an Amazon best-selling book and manual to help other women to gain their financial independence by using SIMPLE tech and marketing strategies to grow their take-home profits and time freedom.

In this episode, we talk all about: 

  •  Why you don’t need the expensive tech platforms and why they are likely holding you back
  • Why simple tech allows you to keep your momentum in your business 
  • How free has become white noise and where to lead people to on their customer journey
  • The importance of knowing your numbers
  • Reverse engineering your numbers to hit your sales goals each month
  • Why having a massive following on social media does not equate to sales 
  • How to work with other business owners to build your businesses together 
  •  How to work smarter, not harder in order to hit your sales goals 
  • A special opportunity to work with Faith in her “Explode Your Sales” Workshop 

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