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Trauma informed leadership with Melissa Lapides

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Episode notes

This interview is FIRE! This is a must listen for all leaders, coaches, practitioners as well as anyone who is looking to hire support in their business.

Bombshell Melissa Lapides and I have a jaw dropping conversation about the unethical practices that are happening within the coaching industry. If you have been scrolling the gram and seeing things online that don’t sit well with you, you are not alone!

Episode 028: Trauma informed leadership with Melissa Lapides

Melissa Lapides is a Licensed Psychotherapist, Trauma and Attachment expert and Founder of The SafeSpace™ Institute. Melissa has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and CEOs. 

By using her proprietary SAFE™ Methodology, her clients have been able to expand their personal and professional relationships and ensure they are leading without perpetuating trauma. Melissa leverages over 20 years of experience in teaching psychological principles for optimal mental and organizational wellness.

In this episode, we talk all about:

💣How Melissa stumbled upon the unethical practices that were happening in the coaching industry

💣The red flags that showed up and why she started using her voice to speak out

💣The emotional and financial abuse that is occurring in the coaching space

💣 How certain business coaches are using psychological manipulation to prey on people’s trauma and state of mental health

💣 The attachment in codependent relationships that is created between coaches and clients

💣 Why coaching is not a one size fits all and the need for attunement for each individual client

💣 How the money worship and coach idolizing is damaging people and re-triggering past traumas

💣 What trauma informed leadership is and why we need it more now than ever

💣 How to be ethical in your coaching practice when it comes to marketing, branding, and getting clients

💣 The programs she facilitates for coaches and corporate leaders

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