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Affiliate marketing is the future with Brodie Pierson

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No matter where you come from, how old you are, or what your background is…you have an amazing business opportunity at your fingertips with affiliate marketing. 

Episode 031: Affiliate marketing is the future with Brodie Pierson

Brodie Pierson is an international leader in personal branding and digital marketing strategy. At the age of 19 he launched his brand agency where he traveled all over Europe, United States and Canada crafting brands and marketing strategies for New York Times Best Sellers, TEDX speakers, top rated podcasters, and hundreds of thought leaders around the world. 

Originally from a ranch in Canada, Brodie and his family have amassed over 50 million views through social media and TV where they showcase their rural and business lifestyles. To date, Brodie has helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs in 70+ countries build, launch, and scale their brand through his courses, online platforms, and his podcast BRANDED.

In this episode, we talk all about: 

💣 What affiliate marketing is, why you need it, and how to start to build a profitable affiliate business

💣 Why right now is the golden age and era that allows you to monetize most products or services that you use 

💣 Why local businesses all the way to billion dollar brands are using this marketing strategy

💣 Why most people are recommending products and services and not being compensated

💣 Brodie’s criteria for choosing an affiliate company to partner with 

💣 Why this is important when it comes to creating residual income, generational wealth, and building a legacy

💣 The perks of affiliate marketing when it comes to the low cost start up, compensation, and tax write offs

💣 Why we both chose to partner with Amare - the mental wellness company 

💣A special opportunity to partner with Brodie and myself and access our mentorship, plug and play systems, and launch plans that will help you create $500 - $2000+ per month 

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