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Ditch the hot mess express with Sam Whisnant

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Episode notes

Have you ever said to yourself, “Gee, I am so glad I quit working 40 hours a week for someone else so that I could work 80 hours a week for myself.” If you constantly feel stuck in the day-day grind and that time freedom is an impossible dream, then this episode is for you! 

Episode 030: Ditch the hot mess express with Sam Whisnant

Sam Whisnant is a certified Digital Business Manager and Systems Expert who helps entrepreneurs set up systems so they can organize and automate their businesses. This helps them stay focused in their zone of genius as much as possible, as they grow to their first six figures without falling into the hustle culture trap.

In this episode, we talk all about: 

💣 What systems are and how to optimize them in your business

💣 Why having systems allows you to automate repeatable parts of your business and free up time

💣 How automating with systems allows you to show up in your zone of genius 

💣 Why the right systems will take you out of working “in your business” and make space for you to work “on your business”

💣 How to create a high touch client experience while using automations

💣 How to have open communication and show value right away while using automations

💣 How systems can create more flow, simplify tasks, and help you avoid burnout 

💣 The 3 systems Sam recommends you start with

💣 How to identify your processes so that you can start to use systems in your business 

💣 A free gift from Sam that will give you the 3 key systems you need to hit 6 figures


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