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Feminine & masculine energy in your business, body & brain

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Episode notes

Do you feel like you have been in that push through energy without the balance of pulling back? 

This week we are diving into the feminine and masculine energetics and how they show up in your business, body, and brain. Even if you aren’t into the “woo”  you will understand this as I break it down in a very practical matter. 

Episode 022: Feminine & masculine energy in your business, body & brain 

Here is what you will learn: 

  •  The difference between feminine & masculine energy
  • Why managing the time spent in these energies is important 
  • Why you need a balance of both to be a Bombshell CEO
  • How being too much in the masculine and not tapping into your feminine can hurt your body, brain & business 
  • Signs from your body that you are spending too much time in the masculine
  • How to start to recognize this and pull back into the feminine 
  • Why being in the masculine will serve you in the start up phase of your business and lead you into burnout later
  • Why spending too much time in a masculine energy mindset can create hypervigilance 
  • How to lean into your feminine mindset 
  • The question you need to be asking yourself to shift your perspective around rest


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