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Letting go doesn't mean giving up

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Episode notes

If you find yourself saying, “I wish I could just get back to that version of me, the one with that body, that relationship, that business, or that life.” 

This episode is for you! 

Letting go of that past version of yourself doesn’t mean giving up. It means acceptance, peace, and the ability to move forward.

Episode 025: Letting go doesn’t mean giving up

Here is what you will learn: 

💣 Why the past seems so tempting at times and the truth about what you remember 

💣 What usually happens when you start peeling back the layers of that “good” time in your life 

💣 That often during that “good” time, you may have been using unhealthy coping mechanisms to escape 

💣 My own experience and emotional connection to 10 years ago, when I had “the body”

💣 How hot yoga turned into an unhealthy escape from a job that was not working 

💣 How this turned into an addiction and triggered old patterns from my past untreated eating disorder 

💣 How even though I looked good, I was very unhealthy and a perfect host for sickness

💣 What has shifted for me and what I have let go of to be the best version of myself now  

💣 The questions you need to be asking yourself if you have an emotional attachment to a past version of yourself and how to start to let go without giving up 

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