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Breaking through money blocks with Rhysa Sisco

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If you feel like you are hitting the ceiling and coming up against invisible blocks when it comes to going to a new level in your business or making more money, this episode is for you. Bombshell Rhysa Sisco shares why learning to regulate your nervous system is different than doing talk therapy or hiring mentors to help you make more money. 

Episode 027: Breaking through money blocks with Rhysa Sisco

Rhysa Sisco is an occupational therapist and entrepreneur turned business mentor and for leaders with over 10 years of experience as a coach and mentor. She helps aligned entrepreneurs to break through money business blocks by regulating their nervous system.

In this episode, we talk all about: 

💣 The role of your nervous system and what it does in your body 

💣 Why it’s 20% mindset/thinking and 80% body/ feeling when it comes to money & leveling up 
💣 How blocks show up and what that looks and feels like 

💣 Why it’s not always a money block, but rather a value block and not feeling safe with money

💣 Why feeling safe with money is the core for most entrepreneurs in order to grow and expand

💣 The difference between regulation and dysregulation 

💣 How to identify the different ranges of dysregulation and what to do for each to regulate

💣 What to do daily, before a trigger and after a trigger to bring yourself to a state of regulation

💣 How to create your own tool kit using your senses 

💣 How to know which tools work for you and which do not 

💣 A free gift from Rhysa which provides more training on breaking through your money blocks 

💣 A special opportunity to work with Rhysa

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