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Building a Career in a Time of Crisis: in conversation with Kate Warren, Devex

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Episode notes

MSc Development Management candidate, Temi Phyllis Pratt interviews Kate Warren, Executive Vice President at Devex, a media platform for the global development community, about trends in the sector's response to Covid-19 as well as advice for early and mid career professionals. "Early COVID-19 Funding Response from the sector: a lot of funding has been vertical..following on a specific need... we may see a shift to focus on broader systemic change. So as you are thinking of your career - think about how you can add value and improve systems." "The Private Sector's engagement in the development sector has seen a pushing for results and impact... data driven decision making , which means new skills are required in the development sector." "The development sector can be a gig economy which hinges on travel but now we are already seeing a shift where international consultants are providing support to local organisations. This crisis is an opportunity for a radical shift to local ownership in the development sector."