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Referral Strategies with Brandon Barnum

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Episode notes

The episode discusses the importance of referrals in business and how to systemize and automate the process to generate more referrals. The conversation emphasizes the value of trust, networking, and creating strong relationships with referral partners. Strategies for building referral networks and the impact of referrals on business growth are highlighted throughout the episode. 

(00:00:18) Introduction to the episode with host Matt Rouse and guest Brandon Farnham, CEO of

(00:01:00) Discussion on the sources of referrals and the lack of a consistent referral plan in businesses.

(00:02:03) Importance of investing in the referral process and the higher likelihood of hiring from referrals.

(00:03:47) Accelerating the trust process through referrals and the impact of trust on business relationships.

(00:05:17) Creating trust through referral partnerships and cross-marketing strategies.

(00:07:03) Differentiating networking from creating a referral partner blueprint for effective partnerships.

(00:08:51) Importance of documenting plans for accountability and commitment in referral partnerships.

(00:11:27) Marketing ethics and the importance of serving people rather than coercing them in business interactions.