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Ben Albert's Strategy For Growth (253)

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In this episode, host Matt Rouse interviews Ben Albert about his journey in starting a successful podcast and business in his hometown of Rochester, New York. Ben shares his story of being let go from his corporate job and how he used his skills and local connections to build a thriving podcast and marketing business. They discuss the importance of hyper-localization and adding value to a small audience, as well as the benefits of podcasting for networking and client acquisition.

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Ben's Podcast:
Hook Digital Marketing
"Will AI Take My Job?" book.

(00:00:49) Ben's podcast and how he got started

(00:04:27) Monetizing a podcast through service-based business

(00:06:24) Finding an audience and clients in a local or niche market

(00:09:49) The importance of adding value and building relationships

(00:19:54) The long-term commitment and benefits of podcasting

(00:23:50) The potential of AI-generated content and its impact on marketing