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Episode 182: Everything Everywhere All at Once

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Episode notes

We are all googly-eyed after a Saturday with more than 50 hours of Eurovision programming. The good news: we now have 8 more songs heading to Liverpool.

Everything Everywhere All at Once Summary

  • Vesna wins ESCZ with "My Sister's Crown" (1:40)
  • Alika will represent Estonia with "Bridges" (4:37)
  • Theodor Andrei's "D.G.T. (Off and On)" wins Romania's Selectia Nationala (7:37)
  • "Breaking My Heart" by Reiley will represent Denmark (13:32)
  • Let 3 dominates Croatia's Dora with "Mama ŠČ!" (17:45)
  • Sudden Lights wins Latvia's Supernova with "Aijā" (22:44)
  • Malta selects "Dance (Our Own Party)" by The Busker for Liverpool (24:22)
  • Marco Mangoni will represent Italy again with "Due Vite" (27:27)
  • Sweden's Melfest Heat 2 (32:52)
  • Lithuania sets the Pabandom is Nuajo Final Field (36:31)


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