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Episode 180: Click... Click... Click...

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Episode notes

After recapping the last (not so) quiet weekend of Eurovision Selection Season, we set our sights on finals, semi-finals, and song reveals all over Europe next weekend. Strap in: It's February, y'all.

Click... Click... Click... Summary

  • Germany announces acts for Unser Lied für Liverpool (1:22)
  • Moldova holds auditions for Etapa Nationala (2:42)
  • Norway finalizes the MGP lineup (5:36)
  • Lithuania's Pabandom is Naujo wraps its quarter finals (11:34)
  • Song drops: Portugal and Iceland (14:53)
  • Tuesday: Semi-final Allocation and Spain's Benidorm Festival (17:22)
  • Thursday: Serbia Song Drop and the Voice of Georgia (20:20)
  • Friday: Malta's continued MESC-ness, Ireland Chooses its Eurosong (22:21)
  • Saturday: Slovenia reveals "Carpe Diem", Sweden's Melfest, Latvia's Supernova (26:30)
  • Cosa Sta Facendo Maneskin: Grammy Awards Edition (28:39)
  • We Didn't Forget About the Czech Republic (30:10)

Cover art image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay


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