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Episode notes

Stuck in Cambodia and quarantined in Australia - these are the stories of two nomads who were abroad when Coronavirus became a global health pandemic. I checked back in with Alicia Walter from The Passport Couple (Episode 8) and Michelle from Frugality and Freedom (Episode 6), who were both previously interviewed on the podcast. Alicia and her boyfriend Nate, full time travel bloggers who had left to Southeast Asia just 2 months earlier, decided to stay in Cambodia when the Coronavirus started to spread. Michelle, a semi-retired nomad working a temporary contract in events management, made the decision to leave New Zealand and head back to her home base in Australia to wait out the virus. 

We chat about: 

  • What factored into their decisions to return home or shelter-in-place
  • The financial impacts of the COVID crisis on travelers 
  • How they’re staying safe and healthy while abroad
  • What 14-day post-travel quarantine looks like

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**Check out our previous episode with Michelle from Frugality and Freedom, Episode 6. **

**Check out our previous episode with Alicia Walter from The Passport Couple, Episode 8. **

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