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Episode notes

#18: Getting stuck in Italy during the coronavirus is not what this couple expected when they retired early in October 2019 and set off to slow travel Europe. Stephanie and Gillian from Our Freedom years moved from Canada to Singapore and lived as expats for 6 years. During this time, they created a budget, ran the numbers and realized they could retire early within 2 years! They retired early (in their 30s/40s), sold everything they owned, and traveled with their two suitcases, two backpacks, and two little dogs around Europe until the pandemic hit. They were in Italy at the time, and ended up not being able to leave due to closed borders and country-wide lockdown, so they hunkered down in Lake Como for a month before returning to Canada. 


We talk about:

  • How they retired early without having a budget for 99% of their lives
  • The good money habits you need to have to retire early
  • What traveling is like with two little dogs
  • How to get a career abroad & become an expat
  • What slow travel in early retirement looks like
  • What it was like being stuck in Italy during the height of Coronavirus outbreak there


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