Get Started Investing / 2. ETFs For Beginners - What Are Your Options w/ BetaShares

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Episode notes

ETFs For Beginners with BetaShares is a series to help you understand everything you need to know about ETFs when you're starting your investing journey. Over 3 episodes we unpack all the kay elements from the basics, through to the administration after you buy.

In this episode we sit down with Adam O'Connor to unpack the often overwhelming universe of ETFs and the options available to you. We cover:

  • Why would an investor choose to include ETFs in their portfolio
  • Pro’s and con’s of ETFs compared to other investing options
  • How to distinguish between different types of ETFs
  • International ETFs overview
  • What is a passive ETF?
  • What is an active ETF?
  • Factors to consider in determining which ETF is right for you
  • Plus, much more!

This series is also available to watch on YouTube.

BetaShares is a leading manager of ETFs and other Funds traded on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). Founded in 2009, their aim is to provide intelligent investment solutions to help Australian investors meet their financial objectives.


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