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144: Spiritual Wisdom For Living In Messy Reality With Sarah Beth Hunt

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Episode notes

Do you sometimes struggle to stay focused and aligned in a busy world?

I am so excited to share a conversation today about living in the messy reality, all whilst pursuing a life and business filled with spiritual wisdom.

For me, blending strategy and energy has been fundamental to my success AND freedom, so I am thrilled to bring my amazing guest to you today.

Sarah Beth Hunt is the creator of Messy Luminous Being, a meditation and yoga platform with a podcast, online journal, and memberships that help women weave inner practices into messy real life. Sarah has trained in the Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhist meditation, traditional yoga, and the school of messy real life with her partner & two beautifully wild boys.

In this episode you will learn:

>> How to open your mind to the soft whisper of intuition

>> Practical tips on how to bring spiritual practices into your everyday life

>> The beauty of breathwork and meditation, even when you don’t have much time

>> How vital it is to acknowledge the potential we all have for a negative mindset and behaviors and to make a conscious choice not to ‘feed this wolf’.

It’s hard to remember sometimes that the most important thing is who are ARE.

Sarah Beth shares the idea of impermanence that’s central to Buddhist teachings, and how critical it is to realize that what we will take with us are not the things we have, but the energy we create.

The outside world constantly gives us opportunities to grow and develop our energy and as we grow, we attract the things and people we become more aligned to.

And you just can’t fake that energetic frequency!

Many people out there are doing the same thing as you, but when it comes to resonance you are unique. You need to find the clients who are tuned in to you.

Enjoy the listen! __________________________ Sarah-Beth's Ebook, Forward From Here: spiritual vision in pandemic times, is available here.

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