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140: How To Live In Tune With Liz Roberta

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Are you intuitive when it comes to business?

Intuition is incredibly important when it comes to building our businesses with ease. In fact, the reason I renamed this Podcast Goals with Soul is because we’re allowed to be ambitious and desire growth but do it in tune with ourselves.

They’re not mutually exclusive!

But allowing that intuition to flow is sometimes difficult, even though we know it’s one of the most important things we can do as solopreneurs, as this week's guest knows!

Liz Roberta is a Hay House author and Award Winning Spiritual Life & Business Coach who was named the “Emerging Voice” of 2020 by Kindred Spirit magazine, one of the “5 Most Influential Female Coaches of 2021” by Entrepreneur Mogul and one of the “50 Under 50” for 2022 by The NYC Journal.

Liz is a certified Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Meditation Teacher and Hypnotherapist. Her Millennial Manifestor blog has been read by nearly half a million people all over the world, and she has done 5000+ card readings for clients over her career. Her Hay House Published book, Living In Tune, is one of the industry-leading books on intuition.

In this episode you will learn:

>> How to recognise and unlock the intuition you inherently possess

>> What can block this intuition

>> The power of silence to allow room for intuition to drop into your life and bloom

It’s easy to stay in that masculine brain energy where it’s all about rational decision-making, but you need to remember to listen for the soft whisper of intuition.

And a huge part of connecting to our intuition is being able to trust in ourselves.

When you come from a place of doubt, you’re not aligned - we need to trust the messages that we are given. Sometimes it’s more powerful to just STOP, pause, and allow intuition to filter in, than to keep pushing on from a place of doubt and struggle.

Entrepreneurship is about experimentation and it’s the same with intuition.

There is a middle path between intuition and entrepreneurship and that’s where the magic is. Let go and feel the flow.

Enjoy the listen!


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