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145: The 3 Ways To Raise Authority In Your Marketing To Attract Elevated Clients

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Episode notes

Today's episode is all about creating authority in your marketing.

We're familiar with the concept of know, like and trust, but in this episode we deep-dive into the third element - getting potential clients to trust us enough to get them over that finish line, that they choose to become clients.

And how do we do this? That's where the authority piece comes in, and in this week's episode, I share 3 key methods to bring trust and authority into the heart of your marketing.

You'll learn all about...

1) The practicalities of creating a framework within which to base your marketing activities - because aligning your methods within a solid framework leaves no room for doubt that you are the one your ideal avatar has been looking for.

2) The immense power of belief shifting. This involves setting out to your clients a step-by-step path that will move them out of being stuck and propel them towards their goals.

3) This one can sound a bit scary, but it's all about 'opinion sharing'. We often fear judgment and don't want to put ourselves out there with opinions that may polarise our audience. But there is room to share relevant opinions and thoughts in order to establish yourself as a solid thought leader.

You don't have to be an oracle - there's value in you just being open to questioning things others may be afraid to voice, helping them to make transitions in their thoughts.

When these 3 things are implemented, you will see a change in the clients engaging with you - they will match with your energy as you step into your power.

Enjoy the listen!


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