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143: How To Rock Your Visibility

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Are you truly visible in a way that attracts your soul aligned clients?

Lacking visibility isn’t as simple as just not posting online – it can be churning out any old content for the sake of it, leading to depleted energy and burnout. Falling into a cycle of apathy, meaning your dream clients just can’t find you.

Fear of judgment, imposter syndrome, and perfectionism– any one of these can completely side-swipe even the most outwardly confident coaches out of their visibility patterns.

So, how do we overcome these challenges?

At the root of it all is messaging clarity – knowing and feeling deeply aligned with what you have to say gives you the courage to show up and be visible.

And clarity and courage are the dream combination that transform how we create our content.

It’s easy to hide in marketing and be a hidden coach, meaning you have all of the potential to create change in the world, yet you’re hiding your light and spirit from showing up in your marketing so others can energetically connect with you.

When you dial that message in – that clarity and elevation – the magic comes in.

If you’re not attracting the right clients, there’s a disconnect in your messaging somewhere.

You want to work with the clients that make the work easy. And believe me, that can happen, and you DO deserve it!

So, how can you step into your elevated self and be visible?

Enjoy the listen!


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