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146: How To Skyrocket Your Sales Using Instagram, With Maggie Colette

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Episode notes

We love Instagram, but does it always love us back?!

My guest this week has studied that pesky algorithm so that you don’t have to!

For 10 years Maggie Colette broke her soul in the corporate world, before falling in love with the first-class-champagne lifestyle of a travel blogger! Now she helps Female Entrepreneurs unleash their potential and sky rocket their sales, all through a little app on their phone - Instagram.

She went from 5K followers to 65K in less than a year (and now over 300k!) and getting re-grammed by the likes of BossBabe and KHLOE KARDASHIAN.

If you’re a Female Entrepreneur who’s ready to go viral, grow your audience and get paid by showing up on Instagram then make sure to listen in to this episode!

In this episode you will learn:

>> To embrace Instagram for what it is and show up as YOU – then you’ll see the shift!

>> As long as you’re great at what you do, you can profit from even a small audience

>> The value of committing to focusing on what works, showing up consistently and connecting with your audience – taking the time to build your community

>> How to harness the power of each type of Insta content - from lives to reels

>> That showing up isn’t icky – promise!

Social media is a powerful marketing tool so it’s important not to be afraid to share your message – there are people out there who need to hear it.

And in order to get the most out of Instagram, you need to leave other people’s thoughts and opinions at the door.

In a public space it’s inevitable that you will get pushback. However, when you are creating content from the heart, you are going to attract the right people into your world – and they’re not going to judge you.

Like everything worthwhile, it takes work – you have to consistently put the time in, showing up and staying committed.

If we’re not giving people an opportunity to know, like and trust us – and ultimately, then to work with us - we’re doing them a disservice.

Ultimately, sales boil down to connections and value, and Instagram is an amazing tool through which we can achieve our goals!

Enjoy the listen!


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