Goals With Soul

141: How To Attract Clients With Your Powerful Mission

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Episode notes

Are you a woman on a mission?!

I’m sure the answer is HECK YES! But do you have a mission statement that reflects this?

I have learned through my messaging journey and from working on my own business and with clients, that homing in on your mission can unlock the confidence you need to show up and embody it.

Showing up with passion is what makes the difference between visibility that builds businesses and being invisible.

Listen today as I discuss the distinction between a brand messaging statement and a powerful mission statement – along with how to craft one that packs a punch!

A mission is a calling – a desire to be in your zone of genius. Something you care deeply about. Articulating this effectively is vital for attracting those dream clients.

But it also has to be related to your business, albeit in a much more umbrella fashion.

When you get that passion behind your mission, it is truly powerful and can completely elevate your position in your industry.

What is your elevated, powerful mission?

Enjoy the listen!


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