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139: The Magic Of Business Energetics To Attract Dream Clients

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Episode notes

This week I’m sharing an absolute game-changer!

If you’ve failed to get your messaging on point, your marketing aligned, and ultimately attract those aligned clients that thrill you, it’s time to dive into the foundations of energetic mastery for business.

This has a massive impact for my clients and so I am SUPER excited to share it!

Energetics recognize that we are holistic systems – great messaging and marketing cannot exist alone without us taking care of the rest of ourselves.

You can get the messaging right and get it in the right places, but if the energy is misaligned, it just won’t achieve the results it should.

Your energy needs to align with your marketing – if you’re calling for empowered, boundaried clients, you need to reflect this in yourself too!

Sometimes that requires you to say no, even though it can feel scary!

But if you’re constantly over-proving, you’ll soon find yourself depleted, closing those energetic doors that should be welcoming in aligned clients. The ones who will respect your office hours, and understand they are responsible for their own success, with your support.

And this starts with you. You are the architect of your own business energetics.

When the energetics are right, it amplifies your marketing. You will be vibrating on the right frequency as those soul clients.

You need to put out the energy you want to draw back in. It might involve some hard decisions, but you’ll reap the rewards long-term, feeling the shift as you call in those higher-level, elevated clients.

What boundaries do you need to put in place to get these energetic shifts?

Enjoy the listen!


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