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147: What Alignment REALLY Means: And How To Boost Your Soulful Business

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Episode notes

Do you know what true alignment in business really is?

Today’s episode comes from my own deeply personal experience, as I learned how to show up in my business in a way that’s both aligned and profitable.

Most of us desire feminine flow and ease above all else, especially if we’ve come from industries filled with wounded masculine energy.

Where showing up always feels like hard work, and we’re just not lit up.

We want to take our foot off the accelerator and enjoy the journey, tapping into the power of the divine feminine – the balance and harmony that can exist when we combine intuition and energy with taking inspired action from a place of certainty, clarity, and courage.

But sometimes, we can let the pendulum sway too much.

We tip into the wounded feminine – indecision, overwhelm, and even victimhood.

I share how I called in alignment when I hit this burnout stage, and how that led to me using a lack of alignment as an excuse not to do all the things.

Listen up as I cut through the BS!

Don’t confuse a lack of alignment with not going for the bigger spiritual goals that I KNOW you have or you wouldn’t be here in this industry listening to this podcast.

Sometimes that divine masculine does need to step back in. You might not want to do something, but take that first step and allow that alignment to come in. Serve your future self.

Find that balance and harmony.

What are you holding back on using lack of alignment as an excuse?

Enjoy the listen!


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