His Word My Walk

By Kaela McKaig
How is your relationship with God? How is your time reading the Bible? Do you wish you were more consistent? Do you wish you understood the Bible better and could apply it to your life today?
That is what the His Word My Walk podcast is. 
In this podcast you will find simple and practical applications to understanding the Bible and walking out God's truth in your life. Your faith in Jesus Christ will grow week after week as I share personal stories and testimonies with Biblical strategies and truths.
Going to church is easy. Reading the Bible daily and applying it to your life today is a different story. After years as an athlete and fitness professional, then earning a second degree in all things Bible, Kaela has taken her passion of a healthy lifestyle down to the foundation - a true relationship with God! Her athlete mindset paired with her love for the Word of God will leave you inspired and motivated to elevate your own Christian walk. From creating the habit of reading the Bible daily, to inspiring stories of how others walk it out, each episode of His Word - My Walk with Kaela is designed to help you live a full and healthy lifestyle with Jesus at the center. And speaking of a healthy lifestyle, these uplifting 20 minute episodes pair perfectly with a morning walk or leisurely stroll on your lunch break. To learn more and subscribe, visit hiswordmywalkpodcast.com

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