how did it come to this?

5.05 - Israel/Palestine pt1. "a Land flowing with milk and honey." Deuteronomy 26:9

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Episode notes

This week, the cradle of civilisation has been a hotly contested region since we have been able to record our conquests. Many people groups, kingdoms, empires and nations have called the land of Southern Levant home and it is no different today. Israel and Palestine have been locked in dispute over land of the eastern mediterranean for decades and recent events have brought into sharp focus the difficulties in bringing resolution to this land. How do we untangle the web of this conflict? How do we determine who owns land? How did these conflicts begin? Is it Canaan, Palestine or Israel? How much responsibility does the international community bear? Does understanding 5000 years of history make a difference? What do two anglo-saxon Teachers know about this topic? and ultimately how did it come to this?

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