how did it come to this?

4.03 - The Voice Pt. 1 “This link is the basis of the ownership of the soil, or better, of sovereignty” - Uluru Statement of the Heart

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Episode notes

This week, we have the chance to turn the pages over. From before European colonialism, the indigenous peoples of the land we now call Australia have been a sovereign peoples. From the arrival of Captain James Cook and the declaration of Terra Nullius, the last 200 years have seen a proud history, culture and nations diminished under policies and laws created by a government that did not represent those people. From Sydney Cove to Mabo, from Henry Parkes to the Uluru statement from the heart, this week we ask some questions. Why is it crucial for indigenous voices to be heard? Why must we act now? What challenges have indigenous communities faced throughout history? What does Terra Nullius truly mean, and how does it resonate today? What is a constitution? How do we change them? Do we know if this time, we all can stand together, with the power to be powerful, do we believe we can make it better? and ultimately how did it come to this?