Airborne Revolution: The Evolving Landscape of Drones

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Episode notes

Drones have become an increasingly popular technology in recent years, with applications ranging from aerial photography and videography to search and rescue, agriculture, and even package delivery. Despite their versatility, however, drones remain a somewhat controversial technology, with concerns about privacy, safety, and their impact on the environment.

In this episode, we will be ‘flying high’ into the world of drones, exploring their history, technology, and future possibilities. We will also be discussing some of the key challenges facing the drone industry, the various regulations and policies that govern their use, and new facility that the Catapult has just opened in Buckinghamshire to offer support to UK drone companies.

Our host Dallas Campbell is joined in the studio by Liam Braeger from the Satellite Applications Catapult, Dr Anthony Lawrenson from Volant Autonomy, and Liam Flood from Ajuno Solutions.

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