Decoding Satellite Antenna Testing

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Episode notes

In today's episode, we will explore the critical role of satellite antenna testing and its importance to the space industry.

Antennas are the unsung heroes of space missions, enabling vital communication and data transmission between spacecraft and ground stations. However, ensuring their reliability and performance in the harsh conditions of space is no easy feat. That's where satellite antenna testing comes into play, where rigorous evaluation and experimentation are conducted to guarantee their functionality, durability, and efficiency.

Our host Dallas Campbell is joined in the studio by Evangelos Mellios and Harvinder Nagi from the Satellite Applications Catapult, and Miro Blicharz from Helix Geospace and joining remotely, Martyn Lees from Spire.

Satellite Applications Catapult: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Website
Helix Geospace: LinkedIn, Website
Spire: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Website

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