Building in Space

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Episode notes

In this episode, we will be discussing In-Space Manufacturing and talking to some of the companies who are at the forefront of this new space race.

The future of commercial space is dependent on our ability to build and assemble large structures entirely outside of the Earth’s atmosphere. From emission-free solar power stations to spacecraft capable of travelling beyond our solar system, all of this and more will be directly affected by how we manufacture in space.

This journey into a new era of engineering will break the paradigm of existing space design and manufacturing. We will need to develop new ways of building, create new technologies, and reimagine what we are capable of.

Our host Dallas Campbell is joined in the studio by David Pile from Northrop Grumman Space Systems, Portia Bowman from Growbotics Space, and Alex Goodhand from the Satellite Applications Catapult.

Satellite Applications Catapult: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Website
Northrop Grumman Space Systems: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Website
Growbotics: LinkedIn

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