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Episode 183 - Return to Amalgam: The DC vs. Marvel Sequels Explored

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Episode notes

Prepare your comic book hearts, as we unleash the might of ink and imagination in Episode 183 of The Nerd Byword! This week, we're celebrating the return of Amalgam Month, where we leap into the paneled past to revisit the epic showdowns of the DC vs. Marvel crossover miniseries. Join us as we dissect the first sequel of DC vs. Marvel, All Access. But before we don our capes, we delve into the latest Superman movie updates and ponder the implications of Nintendo's iron-fisted legal moves against emulation. And, of course, we've got fresh nerd commendations that'll have you sprinting to your nearest comic shop and gaming console!

Nerd News
Yuzu gets sued by Nintendo, shuts down

Superman movie news raises fan hopes

Byword Big Talk
All Access by Ron Marz & Jackson Guice

Nerd Commendations
Ultimate Black Panther #1 by Bryan Edward Hill & Stefano Caselli

Ufouria: The Saga


(00:00) Introduction
(01:15) Superman's new movie details and fan reactions
(14:30) Nintendo's emulation lawsuit and its broader impact
(30:00) Amalgam Months: The DC vs Marvel legacy continues
(55:45) Nerd Commendations: Ultimate Black Panther and a nostalgic game revival
(01:05:00) Closing thoughts and Call to Action