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Episode 177 - Godzilla Minus One: The Kaiju Comeback

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Episode notes

Get ready to roar as we tackle the titan of Toho studios, Godzilla Minus One. Did it measure up to the colossal hype or crumble like the cities in its wake? Join us for a monstrous episode that dissects the film's narrative, its cultural resonance, and Godzilla's legacy. Plus, the DCEU goes out with a whimper, censorship comes for comics, and new nerd commendations!

Nerd News

DCEU goes out with a whimper

Censorship of Graphic Novels up in 2023

Byword Big Talk

Godzilla Minus One

Nerd Commendations

Doctor Who: The Church in Ruby Road

Percy Jackson & The Olympians

Show Notes

(00:00) A new look at Godzilla Minus One
(01:21) Kris: With the release of Aquaman, the DCEU is done
(06:55) Dave: Forbes article looks at attempts to censor comics
(17:14) Dave: I think removing books from libraries is a shame
(21:42) We watched the 2023 sci-fi movie Godzilla Minus One
(23:31) A lot to love about Godzilla
(30:08) There's a very strong anti war message here.
(34:13) Kris: I really like the Godzilla design in this movie
(39:19) Dave: A fantastic monster movie that is also a period piece
(43:58) The Wolverine powers of Godzilla are just awesome
(46:37) The new Godzilla movie cost less than $15 million to make
(52:06) There are things we didn't like about this movie
(52:38) The only abject thing that I disliked about this movie is this
(54:20) I had some issues liking this guy. 
(56:37) Dave: I absolutely love suit animation
(59:05) God Bless and Curse Autocorrect
(01:00:14) Kris: I don't think Noriko surviving works well in the movie
(01:03:53) Dave: The acting sometimes feels over the top
(01:06:29) Kris: I want more Godzilla. That's it.
(01:08:38) Dave: The choice of how he walks on land is a nitpick
(01:10:26) The final verdict.
(01:11:48) Nerd Commendation: Percy Jackson & the Olympians
(01:15:10) Nerd Commendation: Doctor Who: Church on Ruby Road
(01:19:13) Call to Action