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Episode 178 - Nerd Disappointments: The Letdowns We Can't Forget

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Episode notes

Have you ever felt that sinking feeling when a beloved show, game, or movie just doesn't live up to the hype? That moment when the credits roll or the final boss is defeated, and you're left wondering, "Is that it?" We've all been there, and in this episode of the Nerd Byword, we dive deep into the heart of disappointment.

In episode 178, we tackle the biggest letdowns we've faced in nerd media. We're talking about the games that promised worlds of adventure but delivered lackluster experiences, the movies that promised epic narratives but fell flat, and the comics that took bold steps forward only to retreat back to the status quo.

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Switch 2 rumors are heating up

SAG-AFTRA agrees to AI deal

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Nerd Disappointments

Nerd Commendations

Ultimate Spider-Man #1 (2024)

Turtle Power: The Definitive History of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2024)


(00:00) What are the biggest letdowns that you have suffered from nerd media
(01:06) Rumors are heating up that this year might see the release of a Switch sequel
(08:28) SAG-AFTRA has agreed to a deal with tech company replica studios
(16:10) We're going to list the three biggest letdowns of nerd media
(18:31) Why was Superman return so disappointing? 
(20:39) So what went wrong with Superman returns? 
(22:49) Kate Bosworth lacked spunk in Superman movie
(28:15) Bitsie Tulloch is a great modern-day Lois Lane
(29:34) Everything since the 2023 Hellfire gala has disappointed
(36:32) Thirteenth Doctor era was a letdown due to writing, not acting
(44:35) Spider-Man 3 is a disappointment for longtime comic book fans
(50:22) The Dark Tower movie was the biggest nerd disappointment
(58:57) The first X Men movie was great. The third one was a huge letdown
(01:06:23) The first issue of the Ultimate Spiderman comic is absolutely fantastic
(01:08:50) A documentary celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
(01:11:24) Call to Action