the NewsWorthy / Isaias Makes Landfall, Teachers Protest & “The Rock” Buys XFL- Tuesday, August 4th, 2020

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Episode notes

The news to know for Tuesday, August 4th, 2020!

We have updates about:

  • Hurricane Isaias: where it made landfall and where it's expected to go next
  • President Trump's TikTok ultimatum: meet one condition or be banned in the U.S.
  • Boeing's new plan to get troubled jets back in the air
  • the pro sports league Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson just purchased
  • what you can now buy from the failed Fyre Festival

Those stories and more in just 10 minutes!

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Latest on Hurricane Isaias: AP, USA Today, CBS News, Axios

Teachers Protest Reopenings: Reuters, Al Jazeera, NPR,, NY Times

COVID-19 Status, Lockdown Debate: Johns Hopkins, WaPo, Reuters, CNBC

Trump Fraud Investigation: NY Times, Reuters, AP

Trump on TikTok Sale: CNN, NY Times, Reuters, WSJ

Boeing 737 Max Jets Next Steps: Bloomberg, WSJ, NY Times

Google Unveils 5G Phones: Reuters, The Verge, Business Insider, Axios

XFL Sold: CNN, Axios, AP, CBS Sports

Fyre Festival Merch Auction: CNN, The Verge, AP, Auction

Trivia Tuesday: National Geographic, Visit Scotland