the NewsWorthy / Beirut Blast Arrests, Mail-in Voting Debate & Instagram Reels - Thursday, August 6th, 2020

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Episode notes

The news to know for Thursday, August 6th, 2020!

What to know today about:

  • the aftermath of the Beirut explosion and the international effort to help the city
  • how the world is looking back on the Hiroshima bombing 75 years later
  • new controversy and confusion surrounding mail-in voting
  • which state is the first to roll out Apple and Google's contact tracing technology
  • Instagram's version of Tiktok

All that and more in just 10 minutes!

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75 Years Since Hiroshima: WaPo, USA Today, NY Times, AP

New Chicago Schools Reopening Plan: Chicago Tribune, CNN, Reuters, WSJ

High School Sports Status: CBS Sports, NFHS 

UConn Cancels Football: AP, ESPN, NY Times, Axios, UConn

COVID-19 Outbreaks: Johns Hopkins, NBC News, CBS News

Trump/RNC Sue Nevada: CNN, CBS News, AP, The Hill

Trump Encourages Florida Mail-in Voting: AP, NBC News, CBS News, Trump Tweet

Virginia Rolls out Pandemic App: AP, Engadget, Reuters, Axios

Instagram Reels Launches: The Verge, NYT, WSJ, Instagram

Samsung Unveils New Phones: Reuters, Engadget, AP

PGA Championship Begins: CBS Sports, ESPN, CNN

Thing to Know Thursday: Antibodies:, Science Alert, Live Science, CDC