the NewsWorthy / COVID ‘Red Zones’, Mars Rover Launch & NBA Returns - Thursday, July 30th, 2020

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Episode notes

The news to know for Thursday, July 30th, 2020!

What to know today about:

  • red and green zones in the U.S.
  • the deal that has federal agents packing up to leave Portland
  • which presidents will, and won't, be at the funeral of civil rights icon John Lewis
  • what big tech CEOs said under oath this week
  • the return of pro-basketball in "the bubble"
  • who is topping the charts and breaking records

All that and more in just 10 minutes!

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‘Red Zone’ Grows to 21 States: NY Times, CBS News, ABC News

New U.S. Death Records: The Hill, Newsweek, Reuters, Johns Hopkins

Federal Agents Leaving Portland: WSJ, NY Times, AP, Reuters, Gov. Brown, DHS Sec. Wolf

Agents go to More Cities: USA Today, Axios, Justice Dept.

Big Tech Hearing: AP, WSJ, Axios, USA Today, Full Hearing

John Lewis Funeral Today: AJC, USA Today, FOX News, NBC News

Mars Rover Launch:, USA Today, CBS News, Launchpad Live View, NASA Live Coverage

Eid al-Adha Begins: Al Jazeera, CNN, Al Jazeera 2

NBA Returns: AP, CBS Sports, NY Times

Lollapalooza on YouTube: The Verge, Billboard, Rolling Stone, Lollapalooza

Drake Breaks Billboard Record: CNN, Billboard, BBC

Thing to Know Thursday: Furloughs and Layoffs: WSJ, Dictionary