the NewsWorthy / AG Barr on Defense, Mystery Seeds Warning & #ChallengeAccepted Explained- Wednesday, July 29th, 2020

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Episode notes

The news to know for Wednesday, July 29th, 2020!

We'll tell you about:

  • which states health officials think could be the next COVID-19 hot spots
  • what to expect from the top four leaders of 'Big Tech' as they testify in front of Congress today
  • how the U.S. Attorney General handled tough questions from lawmakers
  • why there's controversy about the black and white photos trending on social media
  • what to do if you get 'mystery seeds' in the mail
  • all the Emmy nominations, including which platform broke a record

Those stories and more in just 10 minutes!

Award-winning broadcast journalist and former TV news reporter Erica Mandy breaks it all down for you. 

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