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Paul Kelly - All Those Smiling Faces

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Episode notes

"'All those smiling faces' fitted the chords, then it felt like, alright, I'm on the way to a song" - Paul Kelly

Paul's song is inspired by poets from England and Poland, Paul's family and the concept of heredity.

The first thing Paul did was tune the One Guitar down a tone.


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About the guitar

It's a Gibson J45 Vintage Sunburst, a model nicknamed "The Workhorse".

First released in 1942 it has a storied history with many famous artists relying on its mahogany construction along with renowned "full, balanced expression, warm bass and excellent projection".

A very warm thanks to Chris at Australis Music for supplying this magnificent instrument.


Season 1 guests: Paul Kelly, Sarah Blasko, Johnny Took, Alice Skye and Bernard Fanning



Created and hosted by Alex Gow

Produced by Alex Gow and Courtney Carthy, Mushroom Group

Licensing consultant Abby Page, Mushroom Music Publishing

Artwork by Mushroom Creative House

Photography by Alex Gow

Theme song - Lady Eucalyptus, Oh Mercy/Alex Gow

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