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Johnny Took - Big Life

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"And I was thinking about how I would build this home and this life and, and not look at, you know, having a family or, and the struggles that come with it as a negative. But as a, this is the big life" - Johnny Took

One third of DMAs, Johnny Took, was the first artist we recorded.

His song is a reflection on perspective, maturity and priority. What's important in the grand scheme of life.

Sitting at Alex's house he traces the lyrics back to his time in Scotland, driving on Hoddle Street in Melbourne and his relationship with fellow artist Hayley Mary.

This is a rare opportunity to hear one of DMAs songwriters singing.


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About the One Guitar

It's a Gibson J45 Vintage Sunburst, a model nicknamed "The Workhorse".

First released in 1942 it has a storied history with many famous artists relying on its mahogany construction along with renowned "full, balanced expression, warm bass and excellent projection".

A very warm thanks to Chris at Australis Music for supplying this magnificent instrument.


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Season 1 guests: Paul Kelly, Sarah Blasko, Johnny Took, Alice Skye and Bernard Fanning



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