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Episode notes

A showcase of new comic talent, actors, and musicians. No host. No adverts. Only sounds.

Writers in this episode were Jim Salveson, Colin Lego, Rob Tofield, Russel Newlove, Will Blackwood, and Emile Nawagamuwa.

The voices included Colin Leggo, Rob Tofield, Cleo Slyvestre, Ant McGinley, Ben Bazell, Tim Bazell, James Oxley, Rebecca Shorrocks, Moira Opazo and Nicola Elson.

Featuring tracks from Mobrown, Acer, The Fades, Opaque and James Carrington

Incidental Music composed and performed by Russell Newlove.

All rights retained by the copyright holders within, each performer and their material appears with their kind and full permission as of 2005.

Yellow was produced by James Oxley. Additional production from Ant McGinley, Rob Tofield and Colin Leggo.

Copyright Ant McGinley 2005 - 2020




Hoolieman Pt.1 - Produced by James Oxley, written by Matt Bazell,

Performed by Ben Bazell, Rob Tofield, Colin Leggo, Cleo Slyvestre, Tim Bazell and James Oxley

Mobrown - Single Mother

Hoolieman Pt.2

Acer – Radar

Hoolieman Pt.3

The Fades – 1995

Gas Bill-produced by James Oxley written by Colin Leggo, performed byAntMcGinley, Colin Leggo and Rob Tofield

Opaque-Lemon Juice

Safehouse-Produced by-Rob Tofield, written by-Colin Leggo and RobTofield, performed by–Colin Leggo, Rob Tofield, Moira Opazo and Nicola Elson

James Carrington-Only You

Petting Zoo - Produced by James Oxley, written by Colin Leggo, performed by Colin Leggo, Rob Tofield and Rebecca Shorrocks